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A file storage network
for you, your files, and your friends.

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Slate is a fully open-source file sharing network designed for research and collaboration.

Store your data,
organize it any way you like,
and share it with the world.

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A new home for your images, video, audio, ePUBs, and PDFs

Easily upload any kind of media file to your storage system.

Upload from anywhere

The Slate Chrome extension lets you seamlessly upload files to your slates from anywhere on the web.

Add Slate to Chrome
Slate Web Clipper being used in chrome dropdown menu

Organize and publish

A modular interface for your files, giving you complete flexibility.

Create moodboards

Organize research

Share presentations

Collaborate and connect

A file sharing network built on top of a storage system making it possible to connect with other people on the Filecoin network.

Built on trust and privacy

Slate is built on Filecoin and IPFS — technologies built around ownership and transparency for the future of the web.

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Slate is the gateway to Filecoin –
A new network design we trust.

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