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Slate is a new file-sharing network that makes it possible for people to collect, organize, and link files together.

Get all the space you need
for all of your valuable data

Powered by Textile, Filecoin, and IPFS.

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Store, annotate, cite, and link
your files

Slate is a new home for information that matters to you.

  • Books
  • White papers
  • Writing notes
  • Films
  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Data graphs
  • Maps
  • Designs
  • Music albums
  • Podcasts
  • Games
  • Code

Collect, organize and share
your slates

A modular interface for your files, an interface that gives you complete flexibility.

  • Arrange moodboards
  • Organize research
  • Share presentations

Connect to think, learn and discuss
with others

Connect with trusted peers and use Slate as a space to think together.

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Slate Decentralized file sharing network. Powered by Textile and Filecoin.

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