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search engine
Slate is a search tool designed to help you remember and keep track of things you care about on the web.
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Nils Frahm - Old Friends New Friends
zancan - Lushtemples
OP-Z Synthesizer
Hermann Hesse - Demian
ASMR prime numbers
r/dostoevsky - Fyodor Dostoevsky
A single place to save all your things
Save anything from the web directly to Slate without worrying about how or where to save it.
Get back to things instantly with global search
Find things fast with integrated search available to you anywhere in the browser.
Use the Slate browser extension to search and save from anywhere.
Use tags and keywords to search across all of your links and files.
Coming soon
Connect to your browser history and bookmarks.
Search your twitter bookmarks.
Keep all of your NFTs in one place.
And more later
nect with
your favorite tools
Starting with your browser, Slate integrates seamlessly with all the places you save and bookmark things to make them searchable to you in one place.
Organize and share however you like
Add tags to create relationships and connections to help you remember things. Create channels to share things publicly on the web.
Use tags to help you organize your things on the fly.
Create channels to share collections, topics or archives of things publicly on the web.
What makes Slate different from other bookmarking / storage tools?
Slate is designed to automatically save and organize things for you to help you remember things and explore things you care about in an entirely new way.
Is my data safe / private?
Short answer — yes. We use all the industry standards to protect your data and ensure that you have complete control over who is able to see anything in your account. We do not sell and never will sell your data to any third-party.
How much does Slate cost?
Slate is free for everyone to use. We plan on adding premium tools and functionality to enhance your internet experience some time in 2022.
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